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  • [Material]TheremotecontrolRaptorismadeofhigh-qualityABSplastic,whichissafeanddurable.Atthesametime,ourdesignershavemeticulouslysimulatedtheappearanceofrealdinosaurs,whetheritiscarvingdetails,precisejaws,hugeteethor3Deyes.Eachoneislifelikeandshocking.

  • [Remotecontroldinosaurtoy]WithLEDlight,remotecontrolwalkingandswinging,realisticroar.Performperfectmoveslikearealdinosaur,slidingoverthewheels.Thevividimagesofdinosaursincreasetheinterestofthechildren.

  • [Super-realisticgameexperience]Exquisitecarvingpatternsandflexiblebodycurvesmakebirdsofpreycometolife.Therearlegsofthisremote-controlleddinosaurarebeautifullydesignedandcanbendandliftthelegstomoveforward.ThefrontlegswithrollersmaketheRaptormoresensitiveandcanrotate360​​degreestoinstantlyattackanythingaroundit.Thebendablekneeallowsittowalklikearealdinosaur,whichperfectlyreplicatestheexistenceofthedinosaurinthemovie!

  • [Dinosaurfossilremotecontrol]Containscooldinosaurfossilremotecontrol.Presstheheadbuttontocontrolthewalkingraptortomoveforward/backward,andthefootbuttontocontrolthewalkingraptortoturnleft/right.Pressthe"one-clickdemo"button,thisrobotdinosaurwillshowyourchildasetofactions,waggingitstailandroaring,forward/backward,turnright/left,andtakeyourchildintothedinosaurinonesecondworld.

  • [Children’sGifts]Giftsforboysandgirlsover3yearsold.Notonlyforinteractiveentertainment,butalsoforeducation.Diversifiedplaystylesexpandchildren'simagination.Greatgiftsforbirthdays,Christmas,holidaysanddinosaurthemedparties.

  • Describe:
    Flexible walking raptor, remote control, very suitable for children's birthday/holiday/Christmas gifts.
    Our dinosaurs are made of non-toxic and BPA-free high-quality plastics and tested by third-party laboratories. Safe for children!
    One-click demo, free your hands! Press the "one-click demo" button, and this robot dinosaur will automatically perform specific perfect actions, moving left/right, forward/backward.
    The package includes:
    1 X Remote Control Dinosaur
    1 X USB charging cable
    1 X remote control (requires 3"AA" batteries/not included)
    1 X exquisite gift box
    Our remote-controlled dinosaur can walk by raising its hind legs one step at a time, which perfectly replicates the lifelike walking of dinosaurs. The soles of the feet are made of non-slip materials to make the dinosaur walk more stable.
    Other old-fashioned designs-dinosaurs glide straight The forelegs cannot touch the ground, the hind limbs are not flexible, and move forward on the wheels, which makes it easy to fall.
    2.4G five channels
    Built-in lithium battery
    LED lighting and realistic roar
    Automatic sleep in 5 minutes
    The blue led light shot out from the mouth, and a loud noise spread throughout the forest. realistic dinosaur head design, open mouth, precise chin, big teeth and 3D eyes. Let your children feel as if they are in the real world of dinosaurs and improve their imagination and hands-on ability.
    Multi-function control
    Equipped with dinosaur fossil remote control, children can let dinosaurs do whatever they want. Control the walking dinosaur to move forward/backward or turn right/left, imitating the real scene in the movie. Press "one-click demo", it will show you a set of specific actions, super cool.
    Exquisite details and flexible design
    We imitated the real texture of the dinosaur skin and the blue pattern on the back. The mouth of this robot dinosaur can swing up a

    2.4G wireless remote control Velociraptor electric sound and light simulation mechanical dinosaur model children's toy silver