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  • Renovatedwithrealcoffee-basedbuildingblocks,compatiblewithotherStreetViewseriesmodels.

  • Therearestreetlamps,balconies,doorsandwindowsetc.Thebuildingblockswithlightingcomponents,whichcanbedisplayedatnight.

  • ThepartsarecompatiblewiththefamousbrandofbuildingblocksfromDenmark.ThepiecescanbecompatiblewithotherbrandsofbuildingblocksandcanbeusedasasourcefordifferentpiecesofMOCbuildingblocks.

  • Withapaperinstructionmanualthathelpsyouassemblemoreeasily.

  • Afterthebuildingblockshavebeenassembled,itisanexcellentornamentthatcanbeusedasabackgrounddecoration.

  • Specifications:

    Product dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 29 cm
    Weight: 3,700 g

    Delivery includes:

    .1 set x do-it-yourself kit

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    3103 pcs street view cafe house model bricks set with light compatible with Lego MOC DIY large educational architecture building blocks small set of particles building toy