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  • Colorfulribbondesignsmakeplaytimemorefunandengaging

  • 59x12.59inch,perfectforbaby'ssmallhandtograborcuddle

  • Agreatbabyappeasegift.NewBabyGift.Baby'sfirstandfavoritesecurityblanket

  • Itwillattractthebaby'sattention,comfortandbringfuntothebaby

  • Itiseasytoclean,youcanwashitbyhandsorbymachine

  • Description:

    Taggies cow character blanket is a soft, huggable toy on top of an attached blanket that gives baby a lot to grab onto. This security blankets will be your baby's most trusted valuable. Adorned with interactive and soothing satin loop tags. The variety of textures will stimulate your curious little one's sensory experience.



    Material: Plush.


    Towel: 32x32cm / 12.59x12.59 inch;

    Animal head: 7cm / 2.75inch.

    Style: Cow

    Teething Blanket with toy link to clip to car seat, carrier, stroller.

    Comfortable tag blanket provides your precious with a calming presence.

    1 * Taggy

    Baby Security Blanket Sensory Soft Comforter Blanket Toddlers Lovely Cuddles Security Blanket Plush Stuffed Blankie Comforter appese Towel