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  • Die-castBlazeMonstertruckwith8mix&matchtires

  • Alsoincludesanattachableaccessorypiece

  • Storagecaseopensintotune-upplatformandramp

  • Product Description

    Now your child can customize his favourite Monster machine pal with tune-up tires Blaze. Axle city's greatest hero comes with two sets of unique wheels:  chicken tires and "steel"  tires (8 wheels total). the tires can easily be removed and re-attached, and the vehicle also comes with an add-on engine accessory piece that attaches to the back of the truck. With tune-up tires Blaze, your child can explore the stem principal of engineering. When you engineer something, you design a way to solve a problem, and then you build it. When swapping out each vehicle's tires, your child is engineering new ways to get rolling. Tune-up tires Blaze also includes a storage case that holds 4 tires and the accessory piece, and doubles as a tune-up station and ramp. Mix and match the tires and accessories between all the trucks in the assortment to customize your Blaze and the Monster machines !.

    Blaze FHV37 Tune up Tyres Vehicle Assorted