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  • Beingsnugfitwithpremiumrubbergelmaterialandfinecraftsmanship,thisfantasticcaseforyouphoneisdurableenoughtoprotectyourphonefromcertainscratchesandoccasionaldrops

  • Sleekandlightweight,addsreasonableprotectionwithoutbeingtoobulkyandclunky

  • Thesmoothsurfacemakesslidingitinto/gettingitoutofyourpocketaloteasierthanothercases

  • Highlyrecommendforminimalists

  • Andallthebuttonfeaturesandcutoutsarewheretheyshouldbe,leavingplentyofspacearoundthecutoutsforeasyconnection

  • 1.Sleek and lightweight, adds reasonable protection without being too bulky and clunky
    2.Being snug fit with premium rubber gel material and fine craftsmanship, this fantastic case for you phone is durable enough to protect your phone from certain scratches and occasional drops
    3.Highly recommend for minimalists
    4.And all the button features and cutouts are where they should be, leaving plenty of space around the cutouts for easy connection
    5.The smooth surface makes sliding it into/getting it out of your pocket a lot easier than other cases

    Compatible with OnePlus 7T Pro Blade with Destruction Nezuko Demon with Slayer 17 Anti at Scratch TPU Flexible Soft Phone Case Clear