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  • ToyMarvelAvengersSuperheroesBatman,Spiderman,Hawkeye,Thor,DeadPool,Wolverine,CaptainAmerica,HulkMiniFiguresFitLego,Compatiblewithallmajorleadingbricksandblocks.(withLEGO)Thesefiguresdonothaveinstruction,easyandfuntoassemble.Size:Approx4.5cm(1.8inch)ThisisnotaLEGOproduct,butiscompatiblewithLEGOPackedinaplasticbag+++++.Notsuitableforyoungchildrenunder5yearsold,ascontainsmallpieces!!!++++

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    Toy Marvel Avengers Superheroes Batman, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Thor, DeadPool, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk Mini Figures Fit Lego, Compatible with all major leading bricks and blocks. (with LEGO) These figures do not have instruction, easy and fun to assemble. Size: Approx 4.5cm(1.8inch) This is not a LEGO product, but is compatible with LEGO Packed in a plastic bag +++++. Not suitable for young children under 5 years old , as contain small pieces !!! ++++

    DCB 8pcs toy Marvel Avengers Superheroes Batman Hawkeye Thor DeadPool Spiderman Wolverine Captain America Hulk Mini compatible with Lego Set A 8 toys