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  • MadeinItaly

  • Boxcontents:1rodyhorse-2caps-1inflationadapter-1instructionbooklet

  • Productdimensions:54x45x22cm

  • Internationalproductshaveseparateterms,aresoldfromabroadandmaydifferfromlocalproducts,includingfit,ageratings,andlanguageofproduct,labelingorinstructions.

  • A fun and valuable support to physical activity, the rody horse develops the balance, motor skills and coordination of your child. Adopted in kindergartens as a psychomotor tool, the rody horse is above all an addictive and relaxing game that stimulates group relationships. Appreciated by all children since its appearance on the market in 1984 for its rounded design and its qualities of elasticity and softness, this product enters the evergreen category. Thanks to the removable base rocking base and speedy base (not included) you can turn rody into a rocking horse or on wheels.Warning: to be used under the direct supervision of an adult, only for domestic use.

    GYMNIC 7002 Rody Horse Green