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  • Product1:K'NEXBUILDINGSETS:Includedineachsetisastep-by-stepmanualtohelpbringyourimaginationtolife!BringingtogetherScience,Technology,Engineering,Arts,andMathswithimagination,K'NEXprovidesspeciallydesignedtoysforeveryage

  • Product1:KIDSCONSTRUCTIONTOY:UsingarangeofmicroandclassicstyleK'NEXpieces,thiskidsbuildingsetconsistsof480piecestohelpcreateinteractivetoysfromtrucks,airplanes,helicoptersandautopartssuchaswheels,wings,rotorsandtracks

  • Product1:EDUCATIONALTOY:Thisengineeringsetencouragesthedevelopmentoffinemotorskills,dexterity,spatialawarenessandproblemsolvingusingthecolour-codedrodsandconnectorsspeciallydesignedtosnaptogether

  • Product1:AGE&SUITABILITY:Idealforchildrenaged7andupastheyenjoyimaginativeplaywhiledevelopingakeyknowledgeofSTEMsubjectswiththesebuildingsetsforkidsthatincludehands-on,inquiry-basedlearningopportunities

  • Product2:K’NEXBUILDINGSETS:Everysetincludesaneasy-to-followmanualtohelpignitechildren’simagination.K’NEXoffersspeciallycraftedtoysforeveryagethattietogetherScience,Technology,theArtsandMathswithimaginativeandcreativefun

  • Product2:KIDSCONSTRUCTIONTOY:IncludedineachSciencekitisaguidetomaking3independent,real-lifedesigns:acarwindow,crankshaftandeggbeater,givingkidsanexcitinginsightintohowreal-worldproblemsaresolved

  • Product2:EDUCATIONALTOY:Downloadableguideandworksheetsguidestudentsthrough3hands-on,inquiry-basedexperimentsoneachdesign,helpingtofurtherhonetheirproblem-solving,lateralthinkingandkeySTEMconceptsinafunenvironment

  • Product2:AGEANDSUITABILITY:Suitedtochildrenaged8andupthatwillbenefitfromimaginativeplayinamorestructuredorclassroomsetting,thiskitteacheskidsaboutgears,rotationalspeeds,mechanicaladvantageandotherkeyengineeringconcepts

  • K'Nex 12418 Imagine 35 Model Ultimate Building Set, Educational Toys for Kids, 480 Piece Stem Learning Kit, Engineering for Kids, Fun and Colourful Building Construction Toys for Children Aged 7 +
    Get creative with this K'NEX Imagine 35 Model building set! Great for encouraging independent play as children either build their own creations or use the easy step-by-step manual to create a range of cool models! With 480 brightly coloured pieces to choose from and 35 interactive models to build, children will love to experiment and create every configuration they can imagine. Choose from an array of models from trucks, airplanes, helicopters and auto parts such as wheels, wings, rotors and tracks. With an endless list of 3D objects waiting to be imagined and created, constructing your own buildings, amusement park rides and bridges isn’t just a dream when you have this building set! This kids construction toy's snap-fit pieces stick together securely and can be easily reassembled into other creations, while the fun storage box with a treasure chest design helps store all the pieces and built figures in one place. This fun and engaging construction set for children helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness, while providing an understanding of STEM subject. Encourage curiosity and creative play with this K'NEX toy construction set ideal for boys and girls aged 7 +

    K'Nex 79318 K’NEX STEM Explorations Gears Building Set for Ages 8 and Up Engineering Educational Toy, 143 Parts
    This K’NEX Stem Explorations Gear Building Set introduces individuals and small groups of children to important engineering concepts in a fun and highly accessible way. With 143 coloured rods and connectors ready to be assembled, this construction set for children can help prime students’ understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Once built, a downloadable booklet guides students through 3 hands-on, inquiry-based experiments on each of the models. Students will learn about gear configurations, gear ratios, rotational speed, mechanical advantage and more! The experiment guide is aligned to National stem standards and is appropriate for key stage 2/3. The kit explores three real-world gear models — a car window, crank shaft and egg beater — to excitingly and clearly illustrate principles relating to rotational energy and gears. The construction kit can also be added to a larger K’NEX collection after use. Well-suited to either independent play or guided learning and with easy-to-follow guides and worksheets, this engineering set is sure to excite all budding STEM students aged 8 +

    K'Nex 12418 Imagine 35 Model Ultimate Building Set Educational Toys for Kids 480 Piece & 79318 K’NEX STEM Explorations Gears Building Set for Ages 8 and Up Engineering Educational Toy 143 Parts