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  • Thisgreatandcuddlyrockinganimal"dinosaur"byKnorrtoysisnotonlycuteandcuddlybutalsoprovideslotsofrockingfunandbringsmomentumtothechildren'sroom

  • Thankstotheapprox.20cmhighbackrestandtheseatbelt,thelittleoneshaveagoodgrip.

  • Theseatisapprox.20x15cm,comfortableandsoftpadding.

  • Dimensions:approx.60x33x48cm.Seatheight:approx.36cm

  • Holdsupto30kg.

  • Product Description

    This great and cuddly rocking animal "dinosaur" by knorrtoys is not only cute and cuddly, but also provides a lot of rocking fun and brings momentum to the children's room. Thanks to the approx. 20 cm high backrest and the seat belt the little ones have a good grip. The seat is approx. 20 x 15 cm, comfortable and soft padding. Dimensions: approx. 60 x 33 x 48 cm. Seat height: approx. 36cm Holds up to 30 kg.

    KNORRTOYS.COM 40620 Rocking Animal Dinosaur Green