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  • High-qualitymaterials:Thesoftplushisharmlesstothesensitiveskinofbaby.Theinnerfillingismadeofthickanddurablecottonandwillprovideacomfortablesittingexperience.Therailismadeofprocessedpoplarwoodandhasasturdystructure.Itcancarryamaximumof28kg.TheproductisCEcertified,allmaterialsarecarefullyselectedandproventobenon-toxic,harmless.

  • 3-SideSeatwithBelt:Thehighseatbackandthickenedseatsidesgiveespeciallythesmallchildrenacomfortablecuddle.Theadjustablebeltguaranteessafetywhenswinging.Thewoodenrailisalsoequippedwith2padelessothatsmallfeetcancomfortablyrestonit.Thehandlesmadeofnaturalwoodarefinelypolished,withoutburrs,childrencanholditeasilyandenjoythejoyoftherockinghorse.

  • Faithfulcompanion:Yourchildcangetmanybenefitsfromplayingrockinghorse:theirsenseofbalance,bodycoordinationandmotorskillswillbeeffectivelytrained.Parentsarealsodelightedthatbabycanspendhourshappilywiththeride.Suchaperfectandinterestingtoyshouldnotlackinchildhood.

  • EastyToAssemble–TheRockingHorseiseasytoassembleandeasytoride.Itishand-craftedwithawoodencoreandbuiltonstrongwoodenrockerswithhandlesforbalance,makingthisasturdyridingtoy.

  • SatisfactionGuaranteed–Lazyspaceiscommittedtoprovidingconsumerswiththeabsolutebestpriceandvalueonourentirelineofproducts.Allcustomerswhopurchaseourproductscanenjoy24-HourFreeOnlineService.Anyissues,pleasejustreachouttousandwewillgiveyouasatisfactorysolution.Wetreateverycustomerwithloyalty.

  • Features

    1. The cute rocking horse will always attract your child's attention. We have offered a range of these rocking toys: green dinosaur, gray donkey, roses unicorn, giraffe with brown and beige spots.

    2.The soft plush is harmless to the sensitive skin of baby. The inner filling is made of thick and durable cotton and will provide a comfortable sitting experience. The rail is made of processed poplar wood and has a sturdy structure. It can carry a maximum of 28kg. The product is CE certified, all materials are carefully selected and proven to be non-toxic, harmless.

    3.The high seat back and thickened seat sides give especially the small children a comfortable cuddle. The adjustable belt guarantees safety when swinging. The wooden rail is also equipped with 2 padeles so that small feet can comfortably rest on it. The handles made of natural wood are finely polished, without burrs, children can hold it easily and enjoy the joy of the rocking horse.

    4.Your child can get many benefits from playing rocking horse: their sense of balance, body coordination and motor skills will be effectively trained. Parents are also delighted that baby can spend hours happily with the ride. Such a perfect and interesting toy should not lack in childhood.

    Overall dimensions: 60 x 26 x 50 cm
    Max. Load capacity: 28 kg
    Package dimension: 60 x 33 x 45 cm
    Material:plush, wood
    Net Weight: 2.7 kg
    Suitable age: 6-36 months
    Gross Weight: 3.2 kg
    Certification: EN 71-1

    Package include:
    1 baby rocking horse

    Lazyspace Rocking Horse Toys Baby Rocking Horse Kid Rocker Wooden Rocking Toy,Toddler Rocking Horse Plush Ride On Animal Rocking Horse with Handle Grip,Safe Belt,Wood Base For kids 6-36 months