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  • DesignedforLEGO31119FerrisWheelAmusementParkbricksforChineseNewYearlightingonice.Withthislightingkit,youcanturnyourLEGOmodelfromdarktobright.(LEDlightingonly,LEGOkitnotincluded).

  • NotethatonlytheLEDlightsareset.ExcludesallLEGOsetsshowninpicturesandvideos.

  • Thepackageincludeslights,lightstrips,expansionboards,connectingcables,batteryholders(batteriesnotincluded),glueblocksandinstructions.

  • Withstep-by-stepinstructions,you'llfindaneasierwaytomakemassiveupgradestoyourfavoritebuildingkits.

  • Ifyouarehavingtroubleusingtheproduct,pleasesendusanemailandweareheretohelpyou.

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    One-three-five building blocks, LED lighting, acrylic display box
    1. We have more lamps and acrylic display boxes for MOC building block kits, and we will continue to update them. Keep following us for the latest blocks!
    2. Service Description: If you have any questions about the product, please contact us by email!
    3. Note: There are many small parts in the package, please stay away from babies under 3 years old!

    If you are having trouble using the product, please send us an email and we are here to help you.

    LED Lighting Kit Variety Ferris Wheel Amusement Park Bricks Compatible with LEGO 31119 Brick Models LEGO Set Not Included Basic Edition