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  • LEDlightingdesignedforLego75273.Withthislightingset,youcantransformyourLEGOStarWarsX-WingFighterfromdarktobrightsothatitcomestolife.

  • Easytohideinthemodel,whichdoesnotaffecttheappearance.ItisagreatadditiontomodelcollectorsorLegofanswhowanttoaddmoredetailtotheirsets.

  • Withstep-by-stepinstructions,youwillfindaneasierwaytomakeabigupgradeofyourfavouritekit.

  • PleasenotethatonlyLEDlightissupplied.AllLegosets,whichareshowninpicturesandvideos,arenotincluded.

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    LED Lighting Set for Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Lighting Light Set Compatible with Lego 75273 without Lego Set