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  • LENAtintoys-MadeinEU.Hummingtopwithadiameterofapprox.13cm,comeswithahandleandastablefoot,aclassicaltoy-rememberedwithjoy

  • Bymovingtheplungerupanddown,thespinningtopstartstorotate,theinsidereedscreate,throughtheairflow,melodiousandbeautifulhummingtopsounds

  • ThemetaltopwiththelovinglycolouredOurSandmanmotifoffersafascinatingplayofcoloursofmanywell-knownsceneswhichwilldelightchildrenaged18monthsandover

  • Educationallyvaluablespinningtopwithaveryhighplayvalue,promotesfinemotorskills,arousescuriosityandisalotoffun.Anicegiftideaforspecialoccasions

  • Dimensions:13x13x13.5cm,Weight:102gr,Motif:OurSandman,Material:metal,plastic,Package:open,Brand:Lenatintoys-qualitymadeinEU,ItemNo.:52451,EAN:4006942830107

  • Numberofplayers:1-2;Skilllevel:All

  • Product Description

    A classical toy - one that is remembered with joy. Humming tops are educationally valuable, have a high play value and a long life span. This humming top by LENA has a diameter of about 13 cm and the surface is designed with an original and colourful motif of Our Sandman. Accompany Sandman on funny and exiting adventures by balloon, by helicopter or by railway. By moving the handle up and down, the humming top starts to rotate causing airflow inside and that, in conjunction with the reeds, creates a multitude of beautiful sounds, which enthral every child. The top has a stable foot ensuring the balance when rotating. Due to the continuous rotation, the colours blend to a fascinating mixture and amaze the little ones from 18 months onward. Thanks to its mechanical properties, the top promotes hand-eye coordination, develops your child's motor skills and invites them to hum along. Packed in a display box, it is also an ideal gift for special occasions such as birthdays, Easter or Christmas. LENA tin toys - quality made in EU. Note: To avoid operating problems, please use only one hand to operate

    Lena 52451 tin Humming Ø 13 cm Metal Spinning Classical Pump Action Sandman Motif Children's Toy top from 18 Months