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  • ADDONSOMEFUNMag-GeniusRacingSethasEndlesswaystoPlaywithmagneticshape,tracksandpeople!

  • Keepyourkidshappyandbuildtheirselfconfidence,aswellastheircreativemindswiththenewMag-Genisracingtrackset!

  • Includeds124piecesand8bonusroadsignsaswelasfourmagneticpeopleandatoycar!

  • CHILDBRANDDEVELOPMENT-Promotesproblemsolvingskills,hand-eyecoordination,andtrainsfinemotorskills.Theconstructionracecarstackingblockkitfeaturesquickconnectmagnetizededgestoeasilyputthepiecestogethertoengineerthearchitecturalstructureanddesignsimplyviathelawsofphysicsandpowerofmagnets

  • DREAMBIGANDBUILDBIG!-Nolimitations,scalabletobuildasbigasdesiredbyaddingmorepiecesandvariousshapes.Mag-Geniusincolossolstyles.Encouragecreativitywhichisthekeyfactortosuccessintoday'severchangingenvironments.

  • Mag Genius Ultimate Racing Set! The Smart Way to Build!

    Stimulating, Educational and Creative!


    Entertaining for multiple parties of any age! or for single use! Great for Parent to child bonding. The Magnetic race track makes for easy assembly and easy clean up!

    Educational learning is fun!

    It’s never too early to start developing a children’s creative mind! Mag-Genius inspires Learning by play. Children will acquire strong sense of colors, number counts, magnetic polarity as well as creativity which is the key factor to success in today’s everchanging environment.

    Unlike the character of the toys you see today, each piece of tiles can be replaced, and more tiles can always be added to build objects as big as desired

    Dream Big and Build Bigger!

    There are no limitations to how big, small, long or tall our sets can be you think it you can build it! Buy our other sets In our Mag-Genius line all of our sets are interchangeable and can be added to each other. Mag-Genius is about stimulating the creative minds of today’s youth in the hustle and bustle of today’s every changing environment!

    What’s In the box
    2 x Magnetic car

    36 x Track Supports

    8 x Up Hill tracks

    8 x Corner tracks

    8 x Straight Tracks

    30 x Square Tracks

    10 x Small Triangles

    8 x Large Triangles

    8 x Bonus Road Signs

    4 x Bonus People

    4 x Windows

    2 x Door Openings

    8 x E Castle Top

    Mag-Genius 124 Piece Racing Track Set new 3D Magnet Toy Car and Includes Windows and 8 Wow Bonus Road Signs Magnet Race Set