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  • Nubyfloatingoctopusbathtoy

  • 3funkyringstothrowonoctopus'stentacles

  • Helpsdevelophand-eyecoordination

  • Greatforbathtimeorinthepaddlingpool

  • Bpafree

  • Product Description

    This happy little floating octopus makes bath time lots of fun with an interactive, engaging activity for your little ones to play. in or out of the bath, your baby can try to hook the accessories onto the tentacles of their new favourite friend and have lots of giggles along the way. he's also great at keeping older kids entertained at bath time too when you can turn the game into a competition. the fun colours and shapes will stimulate your little ones senses, and the game will improve their hand-eye coordination at the same time as keeping their attention. this octopus pal can be used for more than just bath time. he's ideal for taking in the paddling pool or if your little one takes a shine to him you can take him anywhere on your adventures. he's robust and durable with no need to squeeze him out after baths either plus he makes a pretty cool gift! let the octo-fun begin!

    Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy