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  • FlexibleBody:Thisremotecontrolhoneybeewithflexiblebodycanquicklymovethelegs,turnleftorright.

  • HighSimulation:Thisremotecontrolhoneybeefeatureslifelikeappearanceanddelicatetexture,veryscaryforothers!

  • LEDLight:ThisremotecontrolhoneybeepossessesLEDlighteffectthatcouldbringyoudifferentfeelingoffun.

  • WidelyApplicable:Thisremotecontrolhoneybeeissuitableforchildrenorpets,Halloweenpranks,Christmasgifts,AprilFool'spranks.

  • IdealGift:Thisremotecontrolhoneybeewithlifelikeappearanceisanidealandperfectgiftforyourkids,theywouldloveit!

  • Feature:
    1. Flexible Body: This remote control honeybee with flexible body can quickly move the legs, turn left or right.
    2. High Simulation: This remote control honeybee features lifelike appearance and delicate texture, very scary for others!
    3. LED Light: This remote control honeybee possesses LED light effect that could bring you different feeling of fun.
    4. Widely Applicable: This remote control honeybee is suitable for children or pets, Halloween pranks, Christmas gifts, April Fool's pranks.
    5. Ideal Gift: This remote control honeybee with lifelike appearance is an ideal and perfect gift for your kids, they would love it!

    How to Use:
    The remote requires 3 button batteries and shows channel A, B and C adjustments on the right side of the remote. Turn on the switch, match frequency and it can play.
    Frequency method: choose any channel in A/B/C, press the forward key to match frequency, if there is no frequency then switch the channel, and then continue to press button, then frequency is matched successfully , it will begin to move!  


    Item Type: Remote Control Honeybee
    Material: ABS, Electronic Components
    Age: 6+
    Battery Type: Button Battery
    Remote Control Honeybee Battery Model: LR44 x 3 1.5V(Battery Included)
    Remote Control Battery Model: LR44 x 3 1.5V(Battery Included)
    Product Remote Control Function: Crawling Forward, Backward Rotation, Automatic Demonstration.
    Remote Control Distance: 6-8 Meters, Running Time: 10 Minutes.
    Product Size: Approx. 13 x 11 x 3.

    SALALIS Remote Control Honeybee High Simulation Lifelike Appearance RC Bee Easy Control Widely Used Flexible Body for Halloween for Party for Christmas