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  • SucculentsBonsai:Basedontheactualplantsastheprototypedesign,thethemeisnovel.Everydetailofthebonsaiiscomposedofsmallbuildingblocks

  • AssemblyFun:389partsintotal,assembledsize:12.5x8.5x7cm.Youcanenjoythefunofassembly,buildyourownbonsaianditwillbeaworkofart

  • WithTips:Comeswithcolorfulprinteddetailedinstructionstohelpyouassemblemoreeasily

  • Value:Afterassembled,itisagooddisplaymodelandbackgrounddecoration

  • Gift:Itsagreatgiftforbuildingblockcollectors,anditisanidealgiftforbirthdayparty,anniversaryandandotherbeautifulmoments.

  • If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to contact us! If there are any missing parts after receipt, please don't worry, just circle the missing parts in the manual, and send the relevant photos to us via attachments, and we will reissue the corresponding accessories for you. Package Content: .1Set x DIY Building Blocks Model Kit

    SENG Succulents Bonsai Model Kits 389 Pcs Creative Plant Bonsai Building Blocks Model Bricks Set Compatible with Lego Technics 12.5 x 8.5 x 7cmUIV483199MG14A