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  • AdvancedDynasteskitsinclude:Beetlebodyx1,advancedmechanicalcorex1,alloywingsx2,alloyheadx1,upperclampkitsx1,footkitsx6.Totallengthof35mmconsistsof8precisionparts

  • Productsize:29.6x18.8x14.2cm.OntheheadistheChineseabbreviation,aweaponthatisacombinationofaspearandanaxe,HALBERDistheEnglishabbreviation,HELMETSQUADistheserialname.

  • .Material:useoffoodgradestainlesssteel,aluminumandcoppertoavoidinjuryduringassembly,allofthesemetalmaterialsareofhighqualityandenvironmentallyfriendly.

  • Wonderfulexperience:1014pieces+andassemblytimeisabout8-10hours.Theyexploredifferenttypesoflifeinthemechanicalforestandcivilizationandinformationbeforethemechanicalworld.

  • Interiordesignandbestgiftchoice:themodelcanbeanexhibitofacollectionoranelementofanenclosure.Itcanbeagiftforyourfriendswhoareinterestedinanimalsandmechanicalstructures,andagiftforyourchildren.

  • Product description

    SPRING2014 3D Technique Metal Puzzle Mechanical Dynastes, 30 cm Red DIY 3D Metal Model Kit for Adults (1014 Pieces) Extended Version


    Extended Dynastes Kits include: Beetle body x 1, advanced mechanical core x 1, alloy wings x 2, alloy head x 1, top clamp kits x 1, foot kits x 6. Total length of 35 mm consists of 8 precision parts.
    Product size: 29.6 x 18.8 x 14.2 cm, the "?" On the head is the Chinese abbreviation, a weapon that is a combination of a spear and an axe, "HALBERD" is the English abbreviation, "HELMET SQUAD" is the serial name.
    .Material: use of food grade stainless steel, aluminum and copper to avoid injury during assembly; all of these metal materials are of high quality and environmentally friendly packaging.
    .Wonderful experience: 1014PCS+ and assembly time is about 8-10 hours. They explore different types of life in the mechanical forest and civilization and information from the mechanical world.
    .Interior design and best gift choice: the model can be an exhibition of a collection or an element of an system. It can be a gift for your friends who are interested in animals and mechanical structures, and a gift for your children.


    Material: aluminium+stainless steel+brass
    Product dimensions: 29.6 x 18.8 x 14.2 cm
    Packaging dimensions: 35 x 28 x 6 cm
    Packaging: graphic cardboard

    Package includes:
    1 x competitive version.

    SPRING2014 3D Technology Metal Puzzle Mechanical Dynastes 30 cm Red DIY 3D Metal Model Kit for Adults 1014 Pieces Extended Version