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  • Thisitemisfortoysgearsparepartspackage,includesgear,rack,pulleys,belts,andothertransmissionparts,thatcanmeetyourdifferentneeds.

  • Mainlyfor0.5modulusofeachgearforDIYtoyswithuse.

  • Usedinlaboratories,scienceeducation,andDIYmodelsandRC-airplane/helicopterrepair,etc.

  • AgreattoolkitforpromotingDIYabilities,improvingchildren's,teen'shands-onskillsanddivergentthinking.

  • Material:plastic;color:white,orange;packagingincludes:8xsinglelayergear,9xmainshaftgear,12xdoublegear,7xpulley,9xcrowngear,2xbluemotorgear,4xbelt,4xbushing,2xwormrod,1xrack,1xcoppergear,1xumbrellagear.

  • 60 different types of plastic gears parts package, meet the different needs of children and adolescent IY toys.
    A great toolkit for promoting DIY abilities, improving children's, teen's hands-on skills and divergent thinking.
    All plastic gears parts are packed in a bag for easy carrying.
    Suitable age: 3 years old and above.
    Because the product contains small parts, children are easy to eat, so stay away from children under 3 years of age.

    SPTwj Plastic Gears Set 60 Pcs Single Double Reduction Gear Worm Gear Robot Parts DIY Kit White Plastic Gear Shaft Belt Rack