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  • BABY’SFIRSTCURIOSITYENHANCER-Thissoftplayactivitypyramidisspeciallydesignedforbabiesfrom3monthsonwards.Atthisagebabiesstartrespondingtoexternalactivities.Thispyramidwillkeepthementertainedaswellasboostingtheircuriosityduringplay.

  • ABUNDANCEOFACTIVITES–Yourbabycandonumerousactivitieswiththissoftpyramidatanearlyage.Thepyramidcomeswithsurprisingtextures,illustrationsandbringslotoffunwhileyourbabyisinthecot,thepram,thecriborcarseat.Thesoftpyramidisfullofcolors,activities,surprisesandvarioussoundstoencouragebaby'ssensesandfinemotorskillsdevelopment.

  • DANGLINGTOYS-Whileinthepramorcarseat,yourbabywillbeoccupiedplayingwiththesoftpyramidthatproducesachimebellsound.Thecubeincludesababysafemirror,crinklingshapes,starteether,plasticrings,ribbons,texturedfabricsandcrinklingparts.

  • EASYATTACHMENT–Thisdevelopmentalpyramidcanbeattachedtojustaboutanywhere-carseats,cribsorpramswiththeattachedlargeplasticring.Thesafelyattachedtoysadorneachfaceofthepyramid,includingababy-safemirror,fishrattle,starteether,fabrichandlesandplasticrings,allalongsideluxuriousvelourpatchesandlovable,friendlyfaces.

  • A product that can both entertain little minds whilst developing them is the perfect answer for parents! The Taf Toys North Pole Pyramid is designed to be your baby's first developmental toy, full of activities with different values. It is the perfect activity toy for promoting your baby’s imagination, senses and motor skills. The pyramid comes with fabric handles and plastic rings for easy attachment. FULL OF ACTIVITIES This is a soft play pyramid that features lots of developmental activities for your baby to do. DANGLING TOYS - The soft pyramid comes with a chime bell that makes a jingling sound to maintain your baby’s attention and enables senses development. Additional toys include a baby safe mirror, rattle, and teether. EASILY ATTACHABLE Can be easily attached to anywhere such as a pram, crib or car seat. ENGAGES THE MIND - There is so much to see and touch with the Taf Toys North Pole Pyramid. Your baby will be fascinated by this gorgeous, coloured activity toy with an abundance of textures, illustrations and features. DEVELOPING SENSES/MOTOR SKILLS Your baby can enjoy the pleasant, soothing chime bell sound of the development pyramid, which is designed to develop baby's imagination, senses and motor skills. At Taf Toys we understand that choosing the right developmental toy for your child is a serious decision. Taf Toys' wide range of products provides you with developmental toys that correspond to your baby's age and that are challenging, fun, and inspire the imagination. All of our toys are created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth. Our goal is to help your baby establish a foundation for a healthy and happy developmental path.

    Taf Toys North Pole Pyramid Activity Baby Pram Toy. Clip on Hanging Soft Sensory Toys for Strollers Car Seat Pushchairs and Cot. Infants 3 Months + Multi