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  • Material:acrylic;productsize(LxWxH):33x20x24cm

  • Application:suitableforLego41395FriendsFriendshipBusSet(modelnotincluded)

  • Assembly:theremovabledisplayboxallowsforeasy,stableandfirmmountingwithfastenersandnoglueisrequired.

  • Value:Putyourmodelinthispresentationboxtoprotectyourmodelfromdustandbetterdisplayyourmodel.Amusthaveforcollectors.

  • Youcanalsouseitforothercollectibles,justmakesureyourmodelissmallerthanthedisplaybox.Thedisplayboxcomeswithaprotectivefilmthatcanberemoveduponreceipt.

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    .Material: Acrylic
    .Product Weight: 3000g

    Package Including
    .1 x Display Box

    YCKJZXF Acrylic Display Case for Lego 41395 Friends Friendship Bus Set Dustproof Showcase Display Case Compatible with Lego 41395 Lego Models Not Included 3 mm