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  • 1.Theremotecontrolmousetoyhasarealisticappearancemadeofhigh-qualityenvironmentalABSplasticandrealisticfauxfurthatmakesitlooklikearealmouse.

  • 2.Themousetoyiseasytoattracttheattentionofcats.Itallowsthemtoplayforalongtime.

  • 3.Highqualitymaterial:madeofhighqualitymaterial,durableanddurable,noteasytofade.

  • 4.Easytocontrol:withtheremotecontrol,itiseasytocontrol.Thecuteelectronicmousetoyhas4modes:forwardandbackward,turnleftandright.

  • 5.100%Satisfaction:Ifyouhaveanyquestions,pleasecontactus,wewilldoourbesttohelpyou.

  • Features:

    1. The remote control mouse toy has a realistic appearance made of high-quality environmental ABS plastic and realistic faux fur that makes it look like a real mouse.
    2. The mouse toy is easy to attract the attention of cats. It allows them to play for a long time.
    3.High quality material: made of high quality material, durable and durable, not easy to fade.
    4.Easy to control: with the remote control, it is easy to control. The cute electronic mouse toy has 4 modes: forward and backward, turn left and right.
    5. Satisfaction: If you have any questions, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.


    Please allow 1-3 cm deviation due to manual measurement.

    Actual colour may vary a little from the photo depending on your monitor and lighting effect.


    Material: plastic
    Size: 7x4.5x3cm
    Mouse and RC battery: built-in button battery


    1 x toy (with RC?

    ZJDTC Remote Control Mouse Toy Wireless RC Rat Toy Battery Operated Animal Interactive Cat Toy